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Bee By The Sea Makes a Stop in Moose Jaw!

A Whistlestop into the Christmas Spirit

article - Bee By The Sea Makes a Stop in Moose Jaw!

Andrew Wingrove, president and CEO of Bee by the Sea, stands with Anne-Marie Beaudoin at the 2014 Whistlestop Craft Sale at the Moose Jaw Exhibition Grounds on Oct. 25, 2014.

© Times-Herald photo and story by Lisa Goudy

Andrew Wingrove grows sea buckthorn on his farm.  Six years ago, his company, Bee by the Sea, began and sold only one product. Now there are seven – face cream, body cream, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap and lip balm.

“In Saskatchewan, it’s becoming quite popular over the last 10 or 15 years. It’s an herb and it has little orange berries on it. It may have as much Vitamin C in one little berry as you get out of an orange. That’s kind of the key component to it,” said Wingrove. “When we put honey with it, unpasteurized honey, it’s really good for healing as well.

”His company was one of 67 vendors at the annual Whistlestop Craft Sale at the Moose Jaw Exhibition Grounds on Saturday.

Wingrove travelled from central Ontario to get to the craft show. The product is also sold locally, he said, at the Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory as an example. It is used to treat eczema, dry skin, rosacea, psoriasis, radiation or sun burns and it helps fade age spots and prevents and treats wrinkles.

In 1986, for instance, many victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster were treated with sea buckthorn oil. As well, Russian cosmonauts have been using sea buckthorn to protect their skin in their trips to outer space.

“Prairie Provinces love this plant,” he said.

Shelley Bader, organizer of the show, said the show has been happening for at least 15 years and as usual, it was very busy. There were 70 booths featuring crafts, food and art. Because it’s not run as a trade show, all products sold at the show started as homemade.

“I go and check out craft sales all throughout the fall and look for new vendors all the time. I try to keep things new and fresh,” said Bader.

 “Some of the bigger craft sales now are run by bigger companies and they’ve lost their personal touch and that’s what we’re trying to keep here … and still allow some of the smaller crafters to come in.”

Held annually the same weekend as Christmas in October, the show featured vendors from Alberta to Ontario.

“My favourite part of the show is just getting to know the vendors a little bit better,” said Bader. “I guess we’ve formed good friendships. We’re almost like family.”

Cassia Yee of Moose Jaw is 16 years old. At the sale, she was selling some of her wildlife and scenic photography. She’s been using a camera since she was 13 and started selling prints last year. This year was her second year at the Whistlestop show.

“I like being able to see all the detail in the world around us,” she said. “Normally without a camera you can’t see a hawk catching a snake.”

Most of her photos were taken in and around Moose Jaw, although some were taken in Vancouver and Alberta.

“My brother took photos. He had a camera and so I kind of started trying it and I thought, ‘This is pretty cool,’” said Yee. “He’s really taught me basically everything I know.”

Follow Lisa Goudy on Twitter @lisagoudy.

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