Giving Thanks

With life being so busy and hectic at times, it’s a pleasure to be invited to someone’s home as a guest for dinner, a party or a weekend visit. Although it is not necessary to bring a host or hostess gift, it’s nice to show our appreciation for the generosity and hospitality of others. There can be a lot of fuss associated with buying host/hostess gifts. What do you get for someone you may not know very well? How much do you spend without overwhelming your host or breaking the bank? Do you have to bring a gift every time you visit the same household? A kind gesture can become a big headache and sometimes it seems easier to just stay home in your pajamas and watch Netflix. But, with a myriad of “etiquette” articles and advice about social niceties, it is rather easy to simplify host/hostess giving and stick to a formula. My mother’s mantra is to “never show up on a doorstep with your arms hanging” so I have been programmed to always be prepared. At the end of the day, it’s really about being sincere and not the cost of what you are cradling when they open the door. So, if you are lucky enough to get an invite for drinks or a hot homemade meal, keep it simple on how you show your appreciation. If you don’t know your hosts very well, a bottle of wine is always a safe bet. Flowers require arranging, which your host may not have the time to do, so a potted arrangement is a no hassle alternative. Stay away from expensive presents! Expensive gifts can make everyone feel uncomfortable for many reasons. Hosts feel overwhelmed; others guests feel annoyed or embarrassed and you feel like you were overzealous and took the appreciation thing too far. It’s supposed to be a small token, so keep it small. Put the effort into thinking about what would be a nice gesture as opposed to a grand gesture.  Some of the best gifts I have been thanked for were homemade jams and preserves. Using ribbon, twine and a neatly written label can elevate a homemade food item into a presentable gift item. Just ask Martha Stewart. If DIY is not your game, lean on the experts to do the work. Gift sets come in all shapes and sizes and range of products. Common sense is essential when choosing one due to the sheer volume of gift basket options. Number one is to pick products that you have tried and enjoyed. Another option is to choose products based on the company; perhaps you want to support your local community or a business that supports a charity or cause.  Again, like most things in life, it comes back to sincere, thoughtful intentions. It is also okay to purchase for one person if your hosts are a couple. My husband and I have never battled over who gets the scented candle or tube of hand cream. It…

The Royal Treatment

  It’s widely understood that honey comes from bees but there is another nutritious type of food that comes from the same insect called royal jelly. Royal jelly is over half percent water mixed in with sugar and proteins. This light coloured substance is sometimes called “bee milk” and is secreted from the top of a bee’s head. It is collected in special honeycombs called queen cells. Worker bees diligently distribute the jelly to help the hive thrive.  When bee larvae are first born, they are fed royal jelly directly from the workers in order to get a nutritional boost to survive the first few days of life. They are then given the less decadent “beebread” which is fermented pollen and honey. Potential queen bees skip the bread and honey and continue to be fed the jelly. In fact, they sit in the cells filled to the brim with royal jelly. This process of feeding helps create the next in line for the throne. The main difference between a worker bee and a queen bee is in the genetic manipulation. Identical insects differ when a specific gene is activated. Although research suggests that the queen bee morphology is contingent on the bee being exclusively fed royal jelly, new studies suggest that the lack of honey in a bee’s diet contributes to the change. Either way, the miracle lies in their ability to adjust their genetic profile through nutrition. Royal jelly has a long illustrious history as a natural remedy in ritual and medicine around the world including Europe, Ancient Egypt and China.  Today it maintains its stronghold in the health care industry as a natural solution to various ailments. HERE IS A QUICK LIST OF THE BENEFITS OF ROYAL JELLY FOR SKIN AND HEALTH: 1.     Anti-aging properties 2.     Skin and wound healing including cuts, scars and acne 3.     Anti-inflammatory 4.     Antibiotic components 5.     Cholesterol-lowering 6.     Boosts fertility 7.     Antibacterial agents 8.     Cancer Preventative 9.     Contains complex B vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and enzymes     Royal Jelly is included in our body cream, face cream and deodorant!

DIY Sea Buckthorn Oil Skincare

The sea buckthorn plant has gained a serious reputation as a superfood and is touted for a rich profile of nutrients including all 4 omega fatty acids. Yes, it’s true! The Omega 3, 6, and 9’s have a long lost relative we seldom hear about. Omega 7 is the very rare unsaturated fatty acid that offers a laundry list of benefits and is difficult to find in the natural world. Sea buckthorn just happens to be the highest source of Omega 7, which has contributed to its super food status. Check out this amazing article by Cara Lucas that offers a deeper look at the Sea buckthorn plant and its benefits. I wanted to reap the benefits of the sea buckthorn plant and made big plans to incorporate the oil into my skincare regime. We all know that beauty comes from within. Quite literally. We are told that the best way to maintain a bright complexion is to eat healthy foods to ensure a diet of vitamins and nutrients. We are also told to get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and exercise. Don’t smoke, don’t drink too much and stay out of the sun. For those of us with sensitive skin, sometimes the stars also have to be aligned a certain way to NOT have a breakout that ruins the rest of your “healthy” glow. At times, trying to find that balance of lifestyle, diet, hormones and other factors can be complicated and exhausting. One thing to consider, if your skin is looking amazing, it can be due to what you were doing two weeks ago and not the day before. Apparently, good or bad results take a while to show up on your face. This is not necessarily a fact, but a guideline to consider.   With such a broad range of considerations, it is of no surprise that we can become obsessive and experimental with skincare regimes. From expensive treatments to “do it yourself” blends, we all seem to have certain products and habits for skincare. My mother in law swears by cold cream and has been smearing it on since 1968. I, myself have been on the serum kick for about a year and cleanse my skin with oil. This is why  the idea of incorporating  sea buckthorn oil exciting; it fits into my current routine and has an impressive list of benefits! There are two types of sea buckthorn on the market, the seed oil and the berry oil. The berry oil has the Omega 7, contains carotene and is a vibrant orange colour. The seed oil is a softer gold tone, rich in Vitamin E and contains Omega 3,6 and 9. Needless to say, I purchased the berry oil for the Omega 7. Sea buckthorn berry oil has a unique smell. It’s sweet with very tart undertones which don’t last when applied directly to the skin or added to another product. Oh, and as far as adding it directly to the skin, it’s not…

Bee By The Sea is Turning 10!

Bee By The Sea turns 10 years old in June of this year!  We are looking forward to a year of celebrating this amazing milestone of being in business for a decade!  We couldn’t have done it without all of our wonderfully supportive and loyal customers and retailers, and we thank you for bee-ing there with us. We are so proud to have come this far, and hearing the amazing results people have had using our products makes us excited to keep going.  We have countless testimonials from people who are so grateful that our products have helped them or their loved ones with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. We hear how thankful people are that our products have helped with sun burns, radiation burns and scarring.  We also hear how much people enjoy the smell and feel of our products. We are thrilled to be in business for a decade and the best part is being able to help people.  We’ll be celebrating all year long with contests, social media fun, promotions, new products and more! Bee on the look out on the 10th day of every month!  For 10 months, from March to December we’ll be having a one day promotion to continue to celebrate our 10 years all year long! Join our newsletter and stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to find out what’s happening!   Click here to enter our 10 Year Anniversary Contest!

10 Year Anniversary Contest

Bee By The Sea is turning 10 and we are having a contest to celebrate all year long! To enter simply submit a review of your favourite product OR tell us which product you would like to try next and why! There are monthly prizes of Bee By The Sea Products and a grand prize in December of a $500 Canadian Prepaid MasterCard plus over $200 in products! “Bee” sure to enter every month for more chances to win the Grand Prize!   Click Here to Enter Contest!