Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant

Product of The Month March 2020 – Natural Deodorant

Welcome to the first product of the month Buzz Blog! All month long we are committed to informing and interacting with our customers about our natural deodorant. With this post we are trying to give you some background information about a product that has become one of our most popular items! The Specifics (Antiperspirant vs Deodorant) Let’s start off by making an obvious distinction. An antiperspirant is not a deodorant. It is by design, a product that aims to prevent sweating. This is achieved through the use of strange and effective aluminum compounds that block sweat glands and create a shield. It all sounds quite effective, but is it healthy? There are stacks of research that support both sides of the antiperspirant debate. There is, however, no arguing that antiperspirant is a potent concoction of chemicals. The evidence lies in the residue left in the unsightly yellow “sweat” stains on our clothing. It may not be harmful, but  it’s probably not healthy either. There is also the nagging question that is avoided when discussing antiperspirants.  Aren’t we supposed to sweat? From saunas to sweat lodges, humans have sought this natural process for a variety of benefits. From a practical standpoint, sweating cools us down, helps maintain our body temperature and purges our system of toxins. Some commercial brands are in step with consumer pushback and rebooting their deodorant products alongside offering antiperspirants. The only issue is the abundance of artificial colours and fragrances used to make the deodorants more attractive. At the end of the day, it doesn’t make sense to swap out chemical compounds for artificial colours and fragrances. So, how does natural deodorant work and is it effective? The market for natural personal care has exploded with options and there are natural ingredients that soothe the skin and wick away moisture without clogging pores. Arrowroot powder, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate and cornstarch are natural alternatives that absorb moisture. Natural fragrances are abundant in the world of essential oils and coconut oil doubles down as antibacterial and fragrance. Why Did We Decide to Make a Natural Deodorant? Back in 2018, the natural deodorant was launched to provide current Bee By The Sea customers, and other health conscious individuals, an aluminum free natural deodorant as an alternative to traditional antiperspirants. We knew from feedback at local shows, that most people would rather a little sweat than aluminum compounds clogging their pores. This realization aligned with our company vision to provide natural and health based alternatives to traditional skincare products. Additionally, our natural deodorant gives anyone the ability to smell great with our subtle signature scent. This unisex appeal is another reason the product was launched. We wanted the whole family to smell and feel great! It is the first product where both males and females alike do not hesitate to use it. As men become more aware of the importance of skincare and using natural products, our deodorant often creates intrigue about what our other products are like. Making the deodorant a huge…

Introducing: The Product of The Month Program

Learn and Earn! What could be better than that? As we begin a new decade, our team have been discussing the different ways we can continue to add value to our customer experience. There is a lot of new plans in the works for 2020, and we are happy to announce our latest initiative, the product of the month program! This programs focuses on how customers can learn more about our products, alongside earning extra Seabucks when they purchase the monthly featured product. What Inspired the Program? We realized the information we provide to our customers at local craft shows and farmers markets needs to also be conveyed online. This communication is why we have earned such a loyal customer base – our in person focus is on informing not selling. Starting this month, we will create an informative blog post on a featured product, and would like to hear from you! How have you benefited from using the product? How long have you been using it? Each month we will be giving our tips on how to use the product, discussing the natural ingredients, along with asking for customer testimonials and feedback on social media. When Does the Program Start? Starting next week, new and old customers alike can partake in learning more about what makes each Bee By The Sea product unique. All while having the chance to earn those extra Seabucks!