Being part of the team at Bee By The Sea means you have the opportunity test new recipes and sample  every batch. We are tough critics and take the time to confirm that products feel, look and smell great. Although we collectively stand behind the entire brand, we each have our favourite. Here are a few “must haves” from our staff!


Andrew, President & CEO


“My favourite product is the serum. Being a guy with fair skin I’ve always had dry patches, especially on my forehead. While I’ve alternated between the face cream and body cream as my go to products for dry skin, I’ve really seen an improvement by using a dab of our face serum every morning. This product is loaded with sea buckthorn so although it doesn’t smell as sweet as our other cream products, it works wonders on the skin! I use a small amount my face every day, sometimes followed by sunscreen if I’m working outside. I must say the texture of my skin started to improve within a few days of using it regularly.”

Megan, General Manager 


“While I love using all of the Bee By The Sea Products, my favourite one would have to be the face cream. I have sensitive skin on my face, and other face creams have always made me either really oily, really dry, or cause breakouts.  This is the first cream that I have been able to use on my face with no issues.  I will layer it over top of the face & eye serum, then continue on with my regular makeup.I love that it is so light that I do not feel it on my face, and I only have to use it once a day! “

Tazra, Marketing & Sales Manager


” I was given a bottle of body wash on my first day and was instantly hooked. As a parent of a child with eczema, I had been through a myriad of skincare products for sensitive skin. Apart from the light sweet smell, which I love, I was thrilled that my daughter  could use it without having a skin reaction. It is unbelievably mild and foams up nicely in the shower. We also discovered that it makes a great bubble bath! “


Anne Marie, Director of Business Development


” The body cream is my “can’t live without” product! I use it everywhere – face, hands, feet and I even put it in my hair when it’s dry. It is fresh, light, cleaning smelling and helps to control break outs on my face and soothes cuts, burns and itchy skin. The smell and the feel keeps me coming back – no grease, and the pleasant aroma is calming.”


Amanda, Shipping Coordinator


“I absolutely love all of our products but my top pick has to be the Bee By The Sea Natural Deodorant. I have always struggled with using antiperspirant deodorants for various reasons the biggest reason being the controversy with aluminum compounds. At the beginning of the summer I decided to start using our natural deodorant and I love it! I managed to get my husband to give it try, and he likes that it does a good job preventing body odour.”

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