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Bee Inspired Party Favours

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Party favours are a huge part of any celebration. Whether sharing an evening with friends, navigating through a child’s birthday party or planning an elaborate wedding, favours are a great way of thanking guests and adding a creative touch to your event. Creating your own favours can be an affordable option and allows for personalizing them to perfectly fit your theme.

Honey products make fantastic favours. Honey itself is non-perishable, can be purchased locally and lends itself to a myriad of clever catch phrases and messaging options. Transferring the liquid gold into small containers is a no brainer and the honey can be infused with vanilla or spices. Another option is to use prepackaged honey sticks. They are inexpensive, can be bundled with twine or ribbon and tagged with a name or message. Beeswax votive candles are a sweet smelling addition to a table setting as place cards at an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner or favours at an evening wedding. Beeswax lip balm labelled with “thanks for beeing here” is bound to make your guests chuckle. We found some fantastic options that will inspire you to consider capping off your special event with something sweet!

bee favour collage 1 300x240 - Bee Inspired Party Favours

Consider all the tagging options available for messaging your bee themed favours! Some of our favourites include “thanks for beeing here“, “love as sweet as honey“, “may you bee blessed with a sweet year” and “we bee three” for a baby shower!

Photo Credit Thanks: southern bride, beautydojo, lia griffith, leigh pearce weddings, botanicalpaperworks


Our new giftware section features both the honey stix and the beeswax votive candles.

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