It’s no secret we love the sea buckthorn berry. We use both the seed oil and pulp oil in our skincare line and sell frozen berries in our showroom. It has been used for centuries in Asia and Europe for its highly nutritious and medicinal properties but is still relatively “new” in North America. Originating in the Himalayas, this hardy fruit thrives in all kinds of weather and soil conditions.  The entire plant can be used; for the leaves, roots and berries are all packed with immune boosting nutrients and vitamins.

At approximately one third of the size of a blueberry, a tiny sea buckthorn berry packs 12 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. With high amounts of protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals (at least 190 bioactive compounds to be exact), the sea buckthorn berry is a powerful food. Touted as one of the most nutritious and vitamin-rich foods in the world and offering benefits both internally and externally, sea buckthorn is quickly becoming as popular as acai berry and pomegranate for preserves, drinks and smoothies.

Benefits include:

  1. Reduce Fat & Inflammation
    Studies have shown its ability to contribute to weight loss by preventing the storage of excess fat. Reduced body fat can address underlying health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. Another study suggests sea buckthorn lower levels of CRP(C-reactive protein), a protein associated with inflammation.
  2. Mega Omega
    Sea buckthorn is packed with Omega fatty acids! It is one of the only 2 plant-based foods that includes omega 3, 6, 9 and the rare 7. Omega fatty acids offer a laundry list of benefits including brain function, cardiovascular health and lowering cholesterol.
  3. Get that Glow & Calm Irritated Skin
    We know all about the topical benefits. The high vitamin C content makes it a beneficial ingredient in skincare because of the compound’s collagen-forming abilities. Vitamin C keeps your skin looking firm and is known for its restorative properties. The high omega content and anti-inflammatory properties help inflamed skin when applied topically. It can ease burns and reduce the appearance of scars.

Boost your immunity by incorporating this super food in your diet. Use it topically as part of a healthy skin care routine.

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