Shampoo and body bars make their return for a healthier planet.

History An old time tradition makes a return with shampoo and body wash bars. Before the 1940’s where liquid shampoo became prevalent, shampoo bars were what the majority of the population used in order to keep themselves and their hair looking great! However they fell out of favor as liquid shampoo gained traction through the 1940’s which paved the way for the massive amount of plastic consumption and waste seen today.  It is estimated that on average a person will use 800 bottles of shampoo in their lifetime; that’s a lot of waste! Advantages Today, shampoo and body bars come in a large variation of shapes, sizes and smells; they are the most earth friendly method to stay clean. Some distinct advantages: Lasts 3-4(70-80 washes) times longer than a standard bottle of shampoo which saves you money Made from natural ingredient’s unlike the chemical cocktail used in most liquid shampoos. Uses less water in both the creation of the bar and the amount needed to clean your hair. Zero waste: packaging is either biodegradable or comes in a reusable tin. Travel friendly: Easy to pack so you can use the scents you love wherever life takes you. No more having to worry about airport security going through your bag! How to use  Shampoo and body bars may seem like an odd departure from liquid products(cause it is!) but that doesn’t mean its any harder to use. If anything, its actually simpler for you and requires less product in your hair which saves you money, time, and keeps your hair looking amazing. Rub bar between hands until it works up a lather then rub hands through wet hair. You can also rub the bar on wet hair directly to achieve the same effect. Rub fingers through hair under running water until product is rinsed away. Repeat process for conditioner bar if desired for silky, shiny and healthy hair. Our Commitment Acknowledging the harm plastic is doing to our planet we would like to introduce our new eco shampoo and body bar line. Made with natural ingredient’s that is good for any hair or skin type. Sea buckthorn and honey are a staple in our shampoo, conditioner and body wash bars, mixed with a smooth shea butter to ensure it goes on smooth and comes off even smoother while feeding your hair the multivitamins it needs to keep your hair and scalp healthy.     Give them a try HERE  

Covid- 19 update

Thank you for your continued support of our small business during this difficult time. Like most companies in Canada and around the world, we are experiencing a significant slowdown as we adapt to the changing economy, necessary government regulations and health / safety concerns. Our highest priority is the safety of our employees and customers. We appreciate your patience as we continue to operate the business with restricted resources. We are open Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday. If you have ordered online and chosen the “free pick up” option, please call us to schedule a curbside pick up. UPDATE: Our showroom is now open Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4:30 PM for in store shopping! Online orders will continue to be processed as usual but with potential shipping delays. You can expect a 2-5 day delay in shipping over our normal fast service.  Products and packages are being disinfected prior to leaving the warehouse. We will continue to answer your calls and emails on a daily basis as well. Again, we appreciate your patience as we will respond to voice messages and emails. Best wishes and good health to everyone. The Bee By The Sea Team

Introducing: The Product of The Month Program

Learn and Earn! What could be better than that? As we begin a new decade, our team have been discussing the different ways we can continue to add value to our customer experience. There is a lot of new plans in the works for 2020, and we are happy to announce our latest initiative, the product of the month program! This programs focuses on how customers can learn more about our products, alongside earning extra Seabucks when they purchase the monthly featured product. What Inspired the Program? We realized the information we provide to our customers at local craft shows and farmers markets needs to also be conveyed online. This communication is why we have earned such a loyal customer base – our in person focus is on informing not selling. Starting this month, we will create an informative blog post on a featured product, and would like to hear from you! How have you benefited from using the product? How long have you been using it? Each month we will be giving our tips on how to use the product, discussing the natural ingredients, along with asking for customer testimonials and feedback on social media. When Does the Program Start? Starting next week, new and old customers alike can partake in learning more about what makes each Bee By The Sea product unique. All while having the chance to earn those extra Seabucks!  

Bee By The Sea on CHCH TV

Watch us (Andrew & Anne Marie) on the CHCH TV Morning Live Show in Hamilton, Ontario! We were nervous about being on TV but the staff at CHCH made us feel so at ease and relaxed. A super bunch of people to work with! It was really fun and of course we love educating others on the benefits of sea buckthorn and our products. Keep in mind when this was filmed back in 2013 we didn’t yet have our shampoo, conditioner, body butter or vanilla lip balm. We’ve come a long way since then! We have several stores carrying our products in Hamilton including Stonechurch Pharmacy, Westmount Pharmacy, and 3 of the Hamilton Health Services Gift Shops.  Check out our Find A Store page for a location near you! We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at CHCH – take a look and let us know if you think we have a future career in TV!