Bee By The Sea Skincare Review by Kristen

August 2015 After writing about Sea Buckthorn in my last post, I admit to forgetting about it for a while.  In one of those serendipitous happenings, I chanced to visit the Punch Bowl Country Market. To my amazement, I discovered that they carry a skin care line called Bee By The Sea, a paraben-free, all natural skin care line based on Sea Buckthorn and unpasturized honey. I’ve never heard of this product before, but found that it is a locally made. Andrew Wingrove cultivates his own Sea Buckthorn plants in Sundridge, Ontario, and the product is made in Barrie. The honey idea came from his father who was designing a skin care line based on honey. Aside from the Sea Buckthorn, what impressed me about this product is the ingredient list. First, it’s short. Next, I checked out the cyclopentasiloxane at EWG and it receives a score of 3/10, so it’s moderate-low on the hazard scale. Otherwise, I also love the ginseng, royal jelly, and aloe. I started by trying out the 2.5 oz/75 ml tube of body cream. This retails for $11.99 so I thought this fairly reasonable for a product with such good ingredients. The consistency is something between a lotion and a cream. I like that as it’s not runny.  It has a faint honey scent, which is very pleasant. Lastly, on application I found that it is a bit tacky for about 20 seconds, and then just vanishes into your skin leaving it moisturized but with no film or residue. After using this for about 10 days, I have to say I love it!  Interestingly, I have also noticed that I feel good all around using the product. I can’t say I’ve had this reaction to a skin care product before. As my skin seems to be dry these days, I’m looking forward to trying both the face cream, and/or the body butter, both of which are rich in coconut oil and shea butter. Currently, Bee By The Sea is available across Canada at some pharmacies, and specialty shops. It also available across the US, and also on Amazon.  If you’re looking for a clean skin care product that’s good for your skin, consider trying Bee By The Sea!

Bee By The Sea Sea Buckthorn All Natural Soap

All Natural Sea Buckthorn Soaps

If you have made the switch from chemically laden commercially made soaps to all natural soap you will likely never go back, and your skin will thank you.  We’ve had countless customers tell us how great our all natural soap is on their dry, sensitive skin.  All of our sea buckthorn soaps are handmade with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils to soothe and moisturize dry, sensitive or problem skin.  There are no parabens, alcohol, petroleum, preservatives or harsh detergents in any of our soaps.  They are gentle enough to use on your face too.         We recommend using our soaps within 6 months.  They should be stored in a cool dry area until they are ready to use.  The colour and scent will fade with time. With regular use our soaps should last as long as, or longer than a commercial bar of soap with proper care.  After each use do not allow the soap to sit in water.  Letting the bar dry completely will make it last longer.  For that reason it is best to use a soap dish that allows the water to drain.  If you are the DIY type you can even make your own.  Click here for instructions. Another way to extend the life of your soap is to cut it in half and alternate between the two bars to allow for longer drying times.  Using a pouf or a nylon sponge with our soaps will also make them last longer.  Simply wet your soap, rub it on the sponge and it will lather beautifully while minimizing how wet your soap gets. We have three great formulas available. Honey & Oatmeal – great for gentle exfoliation and unscented Lemongrass & Geranium – enjoy the invigorating fresh scent Lavender & Honey – relax and unwind with our soothing lavender scent   Please go to our Products Page for a full product description and ingredient list. We welcome you to share your experience with our all natural handmade soaps below.