The sea buckthorn plant has gained a serious reputation as a superfood and is touted for a rich profile of nutrients including all 4 omega fatty acids. Yes, it’s true! The Omega 3, 6, and 9’s have a long lost relative we seldom hear about. Omega 7 is the very rare unsaturated fatty acid that offers a laundry list of benefits and is difficult to find in the natural world. Sea buckthorn just happens to be the highest source of Omega 7, which has contributed to its super food status. Check out this amazing article by Cara Lucas that offers a deeper look at the Sea buckthorn plant and its benefits. I wanted to reap the benefits of the sea buckthorn plant and made big plans to incorporate the oil into my skincare regime.

sea buckthorn and honey for blog post - DIY Sea Buckthorn Oil Skincare

We all know that beauty comes from within. Quite literally. We are told that the best way to maintain a bright complexion is to eat healthy foods to ensure a diet of vitamins and nutrients. We are also told to get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and exercise. Don’t smoke, don’t drink too much and stay out of the sun. For those of us with sensitive skin, sometimes the stars also have to be aligned a certain way to NOT have a breakout that ruins the rest of your “healthy” glow. At times, trying to find that balance of lifestyle, diet, hormones and other factors can be complicated and exhausting. One thing to consider, if your skin is looking amazing, it can be due to what you were doing two weeks ago and not the day before. Apparently, good or bad results take a while to show up on your face. This is not necessarily a fact, but a guideline to consider.


cream and berries for blog 1 - DIY Sea Buckthorn Oil SkincareWith such a broad range of considerations, it is of no surprise that we can become obsessive and experimental with skincare regimes. From expensive treatments to “do it yourself” blends, we all seem to have certain products and habits for skincare. My mother in law swears by cold cream and has been smearing it on since 1968. I, myself have been on the serum kick for about a year and cleanse my skin with oil. This is why  the idea of incorporating  sea buckthorn oil exciting; it fits into my current routine and has an impressive list of benefits!

There are two types of sea buckthorn on the market, the seed oil and the berry oil. The berry oil has the Omega 7, contains carotene and is a vibrant orange colour. The seed oil is a softer gold tone, rich in Vitamin E and contains Omega 3,6 and 9. Needless to say, I purchased the berry oil for the Omega 7.

diy sea buckthorn - DIY Sea Buckthorn Oil SkincareSea buckthorn berry oil has a unique smell. It’s sweet with very tart undertones which don’t last when applied directly to the skin or added to another product. Oh, and as far as adding it directly to the skin, it’s not a great idea. The bright berry oil applied on its own will stain skin orange. Bright spray tan gone wrong orange.  It will be necessary to experiment with the amount of oil to add to a cream or serum and luckily, there are many online resources available for tried and tested recipes. There are some side effects listed online, but I have had zero reaction to the oil so far. Play it safe and paint your wrist orange and wait to make sure there is no adverse reaction!

I decided to add the berry oil to a homemade face oil that I apply  before bed and have just started using this new concoction. It has been a nice addition so far, for I noticed that I have a more even complexion.  I am very excited to experiment with ingredients and different carriers that will compliment this bright potent oil.

Ways to use sea buckthorn oil in skincare:
Add 1 drop to a 30ml container of your favourite face oil or serum
Add 2-3 drops to a 60ml container of face cream
Add a few drops to a body oil to apply fresh out of the shower

Whether you are creating your own recipe or buying products that use sea buckthorn, this superfood deserves a place in your skincare routine!

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