I was introduced to your products at a craft fair in Tara, ON. I have very dry skin and have tried all sorts of creams and medication from my dermatologists with unsatisfactory results. However, your father was very convincing (and a very nice gentleman) and I bought a jar of your face cream. I have been applying it twice a day in sparing amounts, as your father suggested, and my face has never been this moist and free of what I call scaling or dry skin flakes. In fact, my wife, who usually says “your face looks terrible”, hasn’t said it once since I started using your product. My condition is usually worse during the colder months so I’m anxious to see if it is as effective in the colder months as it has been for the past 6 weeks. I’m confident it will be. Thanks for making such a great product. Update: Well it’s been plenty cold the past few days and my skin is still quite moist and free from dry flakes, especially on my forehead. I have been using your Sea Buckthorn and Honey Face Cream for over two months and there has been a very noticeable improvement in my facial skin moisture and texture during that time. I’m convinced it’s due to your facial cream. – Ed