Honey and Seabuckthorn

Romanian Sea Buckthorn Fruit Preserving

Sea Buckthorn Macerated in Honey


  1. clean the fruit
  2. press with a wooden fork or spatula until it turns into a chunky paste
  3. fill a 400 gr jar 1/3rd of the way with the paste
  4. pour honey of your choice (I like acacia)
  5. mix it well, put on the lid and keep it refrigerated
    • take one teaspoon daily on an empty stomach

Sea Buckthorn Syrup


  1. juice 1 kg of fruit
    • the recipe recommends putting the fruit in gauze and crushing it with a pestle and mortar… yes, it’s labour intensive!
  2. you should obtain about 0.5 L of juice
  3. mix the juice with 0.5 kg of honey in a jar, cover, and place in the fridge for 5 to 7 days
  4. shake the jar or mix the syrup with a wooden spoon about twice a day
    • after the 5-7 days, take one spoon daily on an empty stomach or 2 spoons in a glass of water
    • shake jar before consuming



Do not use metal while processing Sea Buckthorn as it may cause the fruit to oxidise and ferment.
Use honey from a trusted source.

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