sea bucks program 2 300x300 - Sea Bucks Rewards Program

Welcome to our NEW Sea Bucks Rewards Program!

Signing up is simple, just create a Bee By The Sea account and start shopping.  If you already have an account, you are part of the program and will receive 100 sea bucks to get you started.  Once you reach 500 sea bucks, you can start redeeming on your purchases!

Everything you need to know about your sea bucks is online under “My Account”.  Review your redemption history and check your current balance with a few clicks.


How to earn Sea Bucks:

  • Product purchases
  • Product reviews
  • Bonus Sea Bucks during special promotions

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How do I join the Sea Bucks Rewards Program?
If you currently have an account on our website, you are automatically enrolled in the Sea Bucks Program. If you have been shopping as a guest, you must sign up for an account in order to start earning Sea Bucks.

How do I earn Sea Bucks?
Sea bucks are added to every product before taxes and shipping. The amount of Sea Bucks you can earn is listed with each product on the website. Once you have added everything to your cart, your Sea Bucks are totaled and listed on the “Your Cart” page.

How do I redeem Sea Bucks towards a purchase?

You can apply Sea Bucks to your order by applying  them to your cart before check out details. Sea bucks are converted to their dollar value so you can see exactly how much you are saving on your purchase before you complete your order. You must have 500 sea bucks in order to start redeeming.

How do I check my Sea Bucks balance?

Your Sea Bucks balance and activity is under  “My Account” which is located on the top right of the menu bar. You must login to your account  to access any information about your sea bucks balance and activity.

Can wholesale customers collect Sea Bucks? 

Unfortunately not at the moment but anything is possible! Stay tuned for more information in 2020!

Can I earn or redeem Sea Bucks over the phone or in your showroom?

No, unfortunately our rewards program is exclusively available online and requires signing up on our website.

Can I earn Sea Bucks at a retailer or store that carries your products?

No, this program is exclusively available on and not affiliated with retailers that carry our products.

Do Sea Bucks expire?

Sea bucks do not expire but there may be changes to the program in the future.

What is the dollar value of my Sea Bucks? 

30 Sea Bucks = $1

150 Sea Bucks = $5

450 Sea Bucks = $15

600 Sea Bucks = $20

Is there a limit to how many Sea Bucks I can apply to a purchase?

There is no limit to the amount of Sea Bucks that can be applied to a purchase, but your Sea Bucks redemption cannot be greater than your shopping cart total. Please note that Sea Bucks cannot be applied to shipping and taxes.

Can I earn Sea Bucks on previous purchases? 

No, we can only apply Sea Bucks to purchases made after the program launch.

How do I opt out of the Sea Bucks program?

Send us an email at if you would like to opt out of the program.

Terms and Conditions

  • Bee by The Sea reserves the right to modify the Sea Bucks program at anytime
  • Sea Bucks can be applied to online purchases exclusively at
  • Sea Bucks are applied and redeemed on purchases before taxes and shipping charges
  • Sea Bucks cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Sea Bucks will be adjusted for returns and credits