Relief from Summer Sunburns!

The best sun care tip is, of course, not to get a sunburn!  But, as we all know, it is not always preventable.

Whether it’s using sunscreen, staying out of direct sunlight during peak hours or wearing SPF clothing, sunburns can still happen.

You forgot to pack the sunscreen, the baseball game went into extra innings, you didn’t reapply sunscreen after swimming, you missed the back of your neck – these things can happen to us all!

Luckily there is something to help ease the pain of your unwanted sunburn.  Bee By The Sea’s best-selling signature Body Cream!  Our aloe-based body cream cools and soothes sunburned skin, while the sea buckthorn & honey help to heal the skin and reduce peeling.  It is non-greasy and soaks right into your skin relieving your sunburn and leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Our very own Megan got a sunburn from spending too much time gardening!  Take a look at how she was able to benefit from using our body cream!

You can purchase our body cream in over 850 stores across Canada and the United States.  Use our map to find a location near you.  If you cannot find a store in your area, you can purchase our body cream online at Bee By The Sea Natural Products.

Whether you’re headed to the beach, going up north on vacation, or just hanging out in your neighbour’s pool “bee” sure to take our body cream with you!

Our body cream comes in two sizes – a 75ml convenient travel size tube and a 220ml jar.  Either way, it’s a must-have for the sizzling summer ahead!

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