andrew - Andrew Wingrove

Andrew Wingrove

President & Founder


Andrew founded Bee By The Sea in 2008 with the launch of one product – our signature body cream.  He continues to make the majority of products to ensure quality while also attending various trade shows and events across Canada and the US.  Andrew is an advocate for Sea Buckthorn and has educated thousands of Canadians on the potential health benefits of this amazing plant. Feel free to contact Andrew via email with any questions you have about the products or Sea Buckthorn.

anne marie - Anne Marie Beaudoin

Anne Marie Beaudoin

Director of Business Development


Anne Marie spent the last 23 years in retail.  In 1992 she opened her first store, a flower shop, and in 2005 opened a general merchandise store.   Anne Marie was introduced to Bee By The Sea at a show in Newmarket and shortly after using the products, she was hooked!  She immediately started to carry this miracle skincare line in her store.  This product quickly became the most successful product she had on her counter in over 20 years of retail.  Anne Marie joined Bee By The Sea in January of 2011 because of her love of the products.  With her retail background she finds great pleasure in discussing the skincare line to potential retailers and customers.  As Director of Business Development, she continues to look for opportunities to grow the line throughout Canada and the US.

karrie - Karrie Olech

Karrie Olech

Marketing Coordinator


Karrie joined the Bee By The Sea team in 2012.  She started in the packing and shipping department back when we had just over 200 retailers.  Fast forward a couple of years and we now have over 600 stores carrying Bee By The Sea products!  Karrie is now our Marketing Coordinator and responsible for our social media and marketing. She’ll be posting about all of the ‘buzz’ and would love to hear from you!

john - John Wingrove

John Wingrove

The Big Bee


Long before the introduction of Bee By The Sea, John Wingrove was selling a honey based skincare product in Florida. His knowledge of bee keeping, honey and other natural ingredients was a huge benefit to Andrew as he developed his own product line.  John can still be found selling our products at markets and shows around Ontario throughout the summer.  ‘Bee’ sure to drop by and say “hi” when you see him at your local market!

megan - Megan Lajoie

Megan Lajoie

General Manager


Megan joined the company in 2015 in our shipping department.  She has an extensive background in retail management, with a focus on customer care and merchandising.   Having come to us from an international bath and body company, Megan brings a wealth of knowledge on skincare products.  If you have any questions about our products or would like to place an order, Megan is the one to call!

Fun fact: Megan is also the Mom to Linus, the cover model on our new Dog Shampoo!

betty 2 - Jennifer Plante

Jennifer Plante

Shipping Coordinator


Jennifer joined the shipping department at Bee By The Sea in 2016.  With our continual growth she is a welcome and much needed addition to our team.  Jenn has completely reorganized our new shipping department to be a functional and intuitive area that makes it easy to get your orders to you quickly.

linus - Linus


Dog Shampoo Mascot


Linus is a 3 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, and our dog shampoo mascot and model.  He thoroughly enjoyed all the baths he received, and all the treats during his photo shoots!