Sunscreen – Cori M

I just wanted to let you know that I love the new sunscreen! I put some on this morning and it is just what I have been looking for.  It spreads easily, disappears into the skin, doesn’t sting my eyes and smells great. Wonderful job!


I was in dire need of a new moisturizer, and your face cream blew me away. It gets so dry and cold in Newfoundland that you basically need a second face to save your skin. THIS is a much easier solution. Thank you so much!!


Completely love the new shampoo and conditioner. I received it as a gift and my family hasn’t used anything else since then. Also just spoke with my sister who had ordered it online with the cream promotion and she can’t believe how great it works for her very dry and frizzy hair which is the opposite of my own baby fine hair. She used the words awesome, silk and shiny .It is amazing how it works so well for so many different hair types.


I’m a big fan, I have very sensitive skin as well an allergy to perfumes, and some botanical extracts.  I’ve been using the body cream, body butter, body wash and face cream with no issues whatsoever. I’m planning to try the shampoo and conditioner next.


Just wanted to share how much I love these products especially the face cream! I have tried many expensive face creams over the past 20 odd years from Lancome to La Mer, and Bee By The Sea is by far the best!! I’ve been using it everyday now for about the past year and my skin has never looked better or been more hydrated.


    stars 5 yellow - Testimonials  I have been using several of these products for years after being introduced to them (hand and body cream first) at a craft festival. I have problem skin (rosacea, psoriasis) and have to be careful about what I use. Bee by the Sea creams, body wash, shampoo and conditioner are products I use all the time and they are fantastic. They are also cost effective because a little goes a long way. The gift sets have also been handy for various occasions.

    photo - Testimonials Edie Di Pede