Carla D. – April 2018

Three days ago I had a fall while downhill skiing where I used my face to slow me down 🙁 very painful. Lots of cuts, swelling and bruising on the left side of my face (the landing site!). For the last two days I have been heating up facecloths with hot water and then using…Read More

Nancy C. – January 2018

I used your Body Butter after scalding my leg with very hot tea. After good first aid treatment and week of antibiotic cream the skin was still a mess but the body butter soothed and kept the area moist and it looks much better than I could have imagined at this stage.

Lisa Grant – December 2017

My husband purchased a tube of the Bee By The Sea Body Cream on a whim at a craft show here in Ottawa several months ago. For a number of years he had been using a prescription cream with little to no help for several patches of a dry and itchy skin condition. Within a…Read More