I would like to share my story with you. While in a gift shop my husband came across your product. He yelled across the gift shop ‘rosacea, that’s the stuff you’ve got on you face right? Well this product says it fixes that. We should buy it.’ I appreciated the fact that he had listened to my concerns about my face and was trying to help me. (I did not appreciate his direct manner in letting the whole store know…thank god you don’t sell hemorrhoid cream…I don’t think his tact extends that far lol.) So I agreed to let him buy it. But I was skeptical. Who buys face cream at a gift shop? How crappy is this stuff going to be? It was also expensive for a product I knew I was going to throw out. I had been using a $60 cream bought at a specialty boutique with no relief. I noticed how moisturized my face felt after the first use. Within three days, I was hooked. I am now on my third bottle. I have sung the praises of this product to everyone I know. I also recently bought your body wash. I have only used it three times. Again, my skin loves it. I am hooked. You have a wonderful product that is amazing.

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