Carla D. – April 2018

Three days ago I had a fall while downhill skiing where I used my face to slow me down 🙁 very painful. Lots of cuts, swelling and bruising on the left side of my face (the landing site!). For the last two days I have been heating up facecloths with hot water and then using Bee By The Sea face cream. It is incredibly soothing and appears to be helping a great deal with both the stinging and itching. I am so glad I found your product a few years back at a Winnipeg trade show. I have been using it daily for several years but now am finding it extra valuable.

Update:  Less than one week after the accident it is shocking to me how quickly it is healing. My scabs are almost all gone and the new skin is coming along nicely. Bee By The Sea for life!!

Thank you. Carla

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