“I was in Gravenhurst on Wednesday and I purchased some body cream from Andrew. I presently have shingles on my hand which have been very painful. Yesterday a doctor recommended that I try capsacin cream. This cream brought on pain and burning ten times worse than the shingles. I tried washing it off with soap and water, applied a cortisone cream, ice pack, calamine lotion, but nothing helped and the extreme pain continued. Wandering around the house as one does when in extreme pain I passed the body cream. Thinking why not I applied some to the shingles. Instant relief. Ten minutes later a bit of burning itching started again. I applied more of your body cream. That was last night at 7pm. Since the second dose of cream I have had no burning, itching or pain. This is the first time in 3 weeks that I have been free from all those symptoms. I think I will put some of the cream in small containers and place them in my families first aid kits. I think you have a product well beyond just a body cream. If ever you require a testimonial please let me know as right now I feel your product has miracle powers.”

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