I received a damaged/missing product; how do I make a claim?

Please contact  Please include what was missing or damaged, and provide photos of damaged products, including the shipping box.

I had a customer return a product, what do I do?

Please contact for further instructions.  Keep the product until we contact you, please.

Do your products have a shelf life?

Yes, we aim to keep the naturally derived preservative levels in our products as low as possible. Products ordered should be sold within 6 – 8 months of receipt.  Your customer should use their product within the recommended time stated on the open jar symbol after opening.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order through the wholesale portal on our website, by phone, email (, or your designated Territory Manager if your area has one.

What is cold weather shipping? Can I receive orders through the winter?

Yes, we do ship through the winter.  However, there may be some delays. We do not ship when temperatures are below -5°C / 23°F. If you add a shipping warmer to your order, we can ship up to -15°C/5°F.  We monitor temperatures daily and ship as soon as temperatures are favourable to avoid freezing. 

What is your minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount for all wholesale orders is $250 (before tax, shipping and after any applicable discounts). All products are subject to a minimum order quantity of 4 units except for lip balm with a minimum order quantity of 6 units. Minimum order quantities do not apply to gift sets.

Body Washes usually contain more ingredients, including a moisturizer, which makes them a great mild cleanser for dry or irritated skin.

Body wash bars offer the best of both worlds. They have the cleansing power of a bar soap to help remove dirt and impurities. They also contain gentle moisturizing ingredients often found in liquid body washes to soothe and treat the skin.

Why do I keep getting newsletters with retail promotions?

You may have signed for the retail newsletter using the button on the website.  Please unsubscribe from this newsletter.  If you are not currently receiving the wholesale newsletter, please contact us.

How much is shipping?

We currently offer a low flat rate shipping fee, free shipping on orders of $750 or more (before shipping, taxes and applicable discounts/coupons)

  • Ontario $20
  • Balance of Canada $25
  • Continental US $30

I opened a second store; can I stock your products there too?

Please contact us regarding any new or additional locations. All store locations must be approved by Bee By The Sea or your Territory Manager prior to stocking any products. 

My store is not on the store locator map, how do I get added?

If you have recently placed an order and do not see your store after searching by town and postal code, please contact us.  If it has been more than 6 months since your last order your account has become inactive, and the listing removed from the map.