All orders are subject to a minimum order amount of $250 and quantities of 4 units per sku and 6 units for lip balm. Opening orders must be prepaid and Net 30 terms are available upon request and subject to credit approval. Returns are accepted on damaged products only and returns are only accepted with written authorization. Claims of any nature must be made within 5 days after receipt of order. Wholesale accounts are for trade purposes only. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices do not include applicable taxes.

 Bee By the Sea offers monthly promotions. Promotion communications are sent via email in addition to being posted on our website. Wholesale promotions are only viewable once logged in to your account.

PLACING ORDERS ON THE WEBSITE: www.beebythesea.com

Please login to your account prior to placing items in your cart to ensure all items ordered have accurate pricing. Wholesale customers do not submit any payment on the website. Any orders placed and processed in error on the retail portal will be refunded less any processing fees incurred.


All orders are subject to a flat shipping rate based on location. Shipping fees are subject to change without notice. Free Shipping is applied on all orders over $750 before tax and after any applicable discounts. Orders usually ship within 3-5 business days. 


We cannot ship orders when the temperature in Ontario, Canada or the shipping location is below -5°C/23°F because our products can potentially freeze.  We monitor the weather closely and will ship when temperatures permit.  We offer shipping warmers for a nominal cost to help protect products in colder temperatures up to -15°C/5°F and help avoid cold weather delays.


Upon processing your first order, your business is added to the store locator on our website.  The website store locator is updated regularly. Stores that haven’t ordered in 6 months are considered inactive and are removed from our store locator until they reorder. Retailers are added to our store locator to help direct tourists and local customers to your store. We do not offer any live inventory features for stores or customers.


Our SPF and lip balm products are stamped with an expiry date and all other products have an open jar symbol on the label. It is recommended that stores sell products within 6 months of receiving. Customers are encouraged to use products within the recommended open jar symbol. Product shelf life is best preserved if stored at room temperature and not in direct sunlight. Products do not need to be refrigerated.


All stores receive a complimentary tube of body cream with every order. Other testers are available at a reduced cost with a limit of one item per product per order. Testers should be sampled regularly to ensure freshness and replaced or pulled within 6 months. 


Retailers will receive an email that includes a full list of ingredients, pricing, and potential selling features. At times samples will be provided upon request and/or at our discretion.  Any samples provided are for personal use and intended for you to try before you buy.


If you are interested in an exclusivity agreement, please contact info@beebythesea.com or your local Territory Manager. Exclusivity agreements are provided only when specific criteria are met and at the discretion of Bee By The Sea and/or your local territory Manager.