Natural skincare for meaningful wellness.

Simple natural skincare

Everything we do—from our formulations to ingredient sourcing to packaging—is done consciously with your well-being in mind. Lovingly made in small batches in Ontario, all our products meet the highest standards for quality and efficacy.

Made with ingredients that matter.

Each ingredient is ethically sourced and carefully selected to boost your skin health. It’s not just about what we put in our products—it’s also about what we choose to leave out. You won’t find toxic, skin-irritating ingredients like parabens, phthalates or petroleum in our formulations.

Simple, safe, and natural. Just the way our bodies like it.

In our pursuit of creating natural products, we stopped listening to mainstream beauty brands and started listening to our own bodies. It turns out that simple, natural ingredients aren’t just good for us—they’re what make us look and feel our absolute best.

Skincare with purpose

We stay true to our roots.

Our journey began in 2008 when Bee By The Sea’s founder was introduced to the sea buckthorn berry and its myriad of beneficial qualities. This fortuitous discovery led to a year-long endeavour involving rigorous research, perseverance and dedicated experimentation—all in pursuit of creating a natural skincare product that combined the revitalizing powers of sea buckthorn oil with other skin-loving ingredients. It was through this labour of love that we discovered the perfect pairing that would become the hero ingredients of all our products: sea buckthorn and honey.

Today, with over 30 natural skin and hair care products created to nourish the body from head to toe, we continue to incorporate sea buckthorn and honey into all our formulations. Combined with other ethically sourced, nutrient-rich ingredients, our products are formulated to make real, noticeable differences to help you look and feel your best every day.

Made for (real) life.

To us, skincare encompasses more than just the superficial act of applying products on our outer layer. Caring for our skin is caring for our bodies, our self and our overall well-being. We carefully consider what our bodies go through in everyday life—from environmental stressors that damage our skin cells to the inevitable signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles—and develop products that protect our skin and naturally restore its healthy-looking complexion. This is skincare that you can count on for all your needs, for all time.

We are passionate about ingredients.

We believe that natural, nourishing ingredients are the essential building blocks to great skincare that provides long-lasting results. That’s why we’re committed to thoroughly understanding the properties and benefits of each ingredient we use in our formulations—and more importantly, sharing that knowledge with our community through ingredient transparency, helpful resources and educational content.

You are safe with us

Meet Our Hero Ingredients

All our natural skincare products feature our signature dynamic duo: sea buckthorn and honey. These two powerful ingredients are loaded with skin-loving essentials like omega fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids and many other nutrients that fortify, revitalize and nourish us from inside out.