Our Vision

Our vision is to produce the best quality products using natural and organically grown ingredients. Our products are all Canadian; developed in Ontario, under the strictest of quality controls. No animals have, or ever will be, tested with our products (unless they ask to be).  We are committed to growing this company and expanding our knowledge of health and well being.

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What Our Customers Say

Three days ago I had a fall while downhill skiing where I used my face to slow me down 🙁 very painful. Lots of cuts, swelling and bruising on the left side of my face (the landing site!). For the last two days I have been heating up facecloths with hot water and then using…Read More

Carla D. – April 2018

I used your Body Butter after scalding my leg with very hot tea. After good first aid treatment and week of antibiotic cream the skin was still a mess but the body butter soothed and kept the area moist and it looks much better than I could have imagined at this stage.

Nancy C. – January 2018

My husband purchased a tube of the Bee By The Sea Body Cream on a whim at a craft show here in Ottawa several months ago. For a number of years he had been using a prescription cream with little to no help for several patches of a dry and itchy skin condition. Within a…Read More

Lisa Grant – December 2017

Just want you to know that I have been using your products daily for at least three years and still enjoying them immensely.  I’m seventy plus and still get compliments on my complexion!

Carole M. – October 2017

My dog Cerberus has had dry flaky skin since we got him and even the special shampoo the groomer used did not help. I gave him a bath last week and his skin looks great. No dryness no flaking. I love this shampoo. I ask that you consider making a dog conditioner. I did have…Read More

Krystal W. – September 2017

Hi! Hmmm! Cutest dog contest … makes me wish I had a dog … or a cat for that matter. I live here in the BC Rockies and shop for my ‘Bee by the Sea’ products in Field, BC., a 40 minute drive into Yoho Park. I plan to approach our local health food store…Read More

Anita A. – July 2017 – Golden, BC

I got a really bad sunburn on march break this year and luckily I had my body cream with me!  It was a life saver.  I am usually so good about remembering to put on sunscreen but it was late in the day and I forgot.  The Florida sun is awesome, but the burn I…Read More

Olivia D. – May 2017

We were in goderich and I purchased your lip balm (pear) and tinted moisturizer. I have to say it is the best moisturizer I have and I love the smell of the pear! I am headed back to try shampoo/conditioner..well done!


I am a long time customer of Bee By The Sea.  I have been using the body cream for years and love everything about it.  I was super excited to see the new serum come out.  I love love love it! It is amazing.  I use it on my whole face and only need a tiny…Read More


Thank you so much.  Your face cream has made such a difference in my husband’s face and forehead.  He has for the last 6 years been under the care of a dermatologist in Barrie.  He has been prescribed hydrocortisone creams, protopic creams, nitrogen treatments and surgical procedures with no resolution to his skin problems.  They…Read More

Charlene – December 2016

Molly requires lots of washing in the fall – she likes muddy puddles. With the other dog shampoos she dries out and then I need to condition her. The conditioner is too much so she gets mats. Your shampoo was a good medium. Washing her 5 days in a row and she didn’t dry out….Read More

Laura – December 2016

Just a note to let you know how much I like your Face Cream. I saw you at the Cobourg Waterfront Festival, and after telling you about my experience, you encouraged me to write. So here’s my note.  I was introduced to BBTS at the Peterborough Flower Show in April. I bought the face cream…Read More

Pauline C.

I had to tell you about my dog, Abby.  She is a mini schnauzer and is 4 years old. She has suffered with “Schnauzer Bumps” since she was 1.  They are like a bad case of acne all down her back.  The are very itchy and she spends a lot of time scratching.  For 3 years…Read More

Shauna H.

I just wanted to send you an email in regards to your lip balm.  I do not use lip balm as a general rule as I find it dries my lips even more, however, I did receive your lip balm as a stocking stuffer last year but never used it. Several months ago the skin…Read More


Let me first say that I absolutely LOVE the products from Bee By The Sea.  I use the shampoo, conditioner, face cream and body butter RELIGIOUSLY.  I swear, ever since I’ve been using the body butter before I go to sleep, it’s actually given me a much better night rest. I work at the Ottawa…Read More

Kristina M.

“I first tried Bee By The Sea at the Ottawa Christmas craft fair a couple of years ago after sampling some of the body cream. Andrew and Anne Marie were lovely – informative and not at all pushy. I’m currently using the body butter which I find ideal for our winters and I love to…Read More


“I have psoriasis and found your body cream really does help me with that, (even though its pricier than I usually spend on over the counter skin products!), it’s cheaper & I think more benign than the various prescription creams I’ve tried, so I thought I’d try out the face & hair products too.”


“Just wanted to let you know that the soap arrived last week.  I have been using it since it arrived.  As you may remember from previous emails, I have not used soap on my face in the past 10 years as it is too drying.  However, The Bee by the Sea soap is an exception…Read More


“My girlfriend told me about your product because she loves it so much.  I have problem skin & have never found a face cream that does not make me break out.  I have been using your products for about 2 weeks now & it is amazing!  My skin is getting clearer & healthy looking.  I…Read More


“I purchased your face cream (Spring craft at butter dome Edmonton) for age spots on my hands and am overwhelmed with the fading and total disappearance of most of them. THANK YOU!”


“I started using your products a few months ago just because I saw them at the Beamsville Pharmacy and didn’t have time to get to the Body Shop.  I must say, I will not be going back to the Body Shop!  I love your products.  I prefer the body butter to the lotion as I…Read More


Hello, I am from Brandon Manitoba and I have been buying your products from World of Water.  I am so impressed with all the products I am using.  I am anxious to try the shampoo and conditioner that they now have coming into the store.  If you ever need a spokesperson, call me!!!!!  Very warm…Read More


“I would like to take the time to tell you how amazed we are with your body cream. We purchased this cream at the Craft Sale in Stratford for my son who is two. He has horrible eczema and we have literally tried everything to achieve smooth skin. I can tell you at this point…Read More


“Hi, I would like to thank you for making a great product.  As someone who has suffered with eczema most of my life it was a real pleasure to use your honey and sea buckthorn soap.  I can honestly say it is the best soap I have ever tried, and for the first time, in a long time I…Read More


I attended the Christmas Craft Show in Durham Region yesterday. I stopped at your booth and was given the face cream tester. Oh my goodness – my face felt incredible. I have bad rosacea and within minutes, my face felt soothed and soft. I bought a jar of it and the spearmint lip balm which…Read More


Hi Andrew, I was introduced to your products at a craft fair in Tara, ON. I have very dry skin and have tried all sorts of creams and medication from my dermatologists with unsatisfactory results. However, your father was very convincing (and a very nice gentleman) and I bought a jar of your face cream….Read More


Just wanted to comment on your facial cream. I ordered this cream at the beginning of June. The reason I chose to use this was that it was being used by folks going through chemotherapy. That was not my problem. I had a very bad reaction (facial burn) to another line of facial creams and…Read More


I met John at your booth at the Midland Home Show venue about three weeks ago. John may remember my scabby face as I was finishing up a skin cancer prevention treatment…quite a mess and quite a sight! I purchased Bee By The Sea face cream after speaking with John about its attributes and possibilities….Read More


I used the bee by the sea (face) cream last night and in the morning my skin felt really good…I also used it today and it really makes my dry skin not dry which rarely happens!! It’s good stuff!!


I am just writing to thank you for such an amazing face cream! I really got this product as a last resort and not knowing what to use after a facial gone wrong. I have extremely sensitive, oily skin and went to a spa for a treat but the treatment turned out to be anything…Read More


Just a note to say my wife and I picked up your shampoo and conditioner in Winnipeg a few weeks ago at a booth at the Convention Centre, and we both think it’s the best ever! Especially for me, as I have always had particularly dry hair – Bee By The Sea works better than…Read More

Greg & Inga

Thank you for being so helpful! I also got the new shampoo and conditioner and I absolutely love them!!! It’s taken me a long time to find a product that works well on my long thick hair and I finally found it!


Love your products. People ask how I look so young (I am 71), and I tell them, have never smoked, not a sun worshipper, try to stay positive and I use Bee By The Sea and tell them where to buy it. Also had a bad burn on my arm and in less than a…Read More


Thank you so much for the shampoo and conditioner that I won in your last Facebook contest. I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and I love them. My hair is colour treated and it leaves my hair feeling light and shiny. Best of all is you don’t need to use much of…Read More


Just thought I would let you know that I went online to order more body cream and noticed you now offer a face cream. Purchased it and as usual, it is fantastic. Hope you never change your formula. As I have said in the past, this is the first cream (and I have spent hundreds…Read More


I purchased the shampoo and face cream and I just wanted to let you know that the shampoo is by far the best shampoo I have ever used (I haven’t tried the cream yet). I am more than impressed, and will make sure to let others know about your line!


I had severe rosacea and my dermatologist prescribed me three different creams: one did nothing, the second burned my skin, and the third was just ‘so-so’. Then a niece gave me for Christmas a jar of your facial cream. My rosacea cleared up within two days. Amazing! Then my daughter-in-law had a rash on her…Read More


I would like to share my story with you. While in a gift shop my husband came across your product. He yelled across the gift shop ‘rosacea, that’s the stuff you’ve got on you face right? Well this product says it fixes that. We should buy it.’ I appreciated the fact that he had listened…Read More


“My husband has been using it to aid his skin cancer surgery and it out performs all the prescription creams!”


“I started using all of your products about 3 months ago. Since then I now have 5 of my friends using it as well. I tell everyone you have to try this. I have been picking up products at least once a week for someone. Your product is amazing and works wonders. I have spent…Read More


“I thought I would let you know that your cream has been wonderful. My daughter is also in love with it. Two years ago my daughter went on Acutane due to a severe acne problem. One of the side effects were that her hands are always so dried out. She had tried many creams, but…Read More


“I was given a sample tube of your cream at the Ottawa craft show and I said I would email back how I liked the cream. I have tried many creams for my hands which get very dry and cracked, especially in the winter. I loved your cream. It really did work well. My hands…Read More


” I spilled a cup of hot tea on my arm and my skin got burnt. I applied a thick layer of the Bee By The Sea Body Cream on the affected areas and after 6 hours there was no trace of any burn and my skin was back to normal with no redness or…Read More


“I adore the body cream. It’s been fantastic in healing my tattoos!! It’s hard to find such a natural product that works well on tattoos. As a tattoo apprentice it’s fantastic to have this. I plan on recommending it to my clients.”


“I was in Gravenhurst on Wednesday and I purchased some body cream from Andrew. I presently have shingles on my hand which have been very painful. Yesterday a doctor recommended that I try capsacin cream. This cream brought on pain and burning ten times worse than the shingles. I tried washing it off with soap…Read More


“My son has acne on his nose and some parts of his face. Having tried various products without results I decided to try Bee By The Sea sea buckthorn cream. Honestly, I couldn’t believe 3 days later my son was pimple-free and his self esteem returned! I also recommended the cream for my client’s dog…Read More

Kim Malonie, The Animal Whisperer

“I have the worst winter-dried, chapped, cut hands you’ve ever seen. They get worse each winter, and I have tried everything. Dozens and dozens of products. I finally wound up at my local health food store where the owner suggested I try your Sea Buckthorn and Honey Body Cream. I still can’t believe it… I…Read More


“My name is Julia and I thought I’d let you know how much I am appreciating your body lotion! My parents bought me a tube for Christmas and I’ve been using it since then. Last week, I realized that my facial acne is almost nonexistent! It had been pretty bad hormonal type acne, so bad…Read More


“With my being a consumer of body and face lotions, I am always on the lookout for new and improved products. When I tried the “body butter cream” I was not only drawn to it’s aroma but how easily it was to apply to my body. It was non-greasy and absorbed quickly leaving a soft…Read More


“I am really impressed with your product having bought the body cream at the craft show at Richmond Green. Being of an age (the last box on the survey form) your product is great. I will let all of my senior friends know about it and maybe we won’t look like seniors any more.”


“Great lotion for any time of year. It has a warm vanilla smell—goes on quickly and is non greasy. Will definitely look for more products from Bee By The Sea.”


“This is a great product – it leaves my skin soft and so smooth. The scent sold me right away but then when I learned about its ingredients, I knew I had a cream that I would use for a long time.”


“Not only do I love the scent of “bee by the sea body cream” but I also love how it feels on my skin. It keeps my body moisturized all day long!”


“I’m a believer in natural products that are going to go on my body and I feel that at my age (73) I need all the help I can get. I feel very strongly about the sea buckthorn ingredient. I’m very impressed with the research I have done on sea buckthorn after finding this cream,…Read More


“I am an older (strike that) mature woman and find since using the cream for perhaps the best part of a year, my skin tags have disappeared and my skin is much clearer. My ‘mature’ spots (not age spots) are lightening up. I use it on any rough patches of skin. My husband used the…Read More


“This is to let you know how much I love this product. First bought it at the Oshawa craft show in October…use the body cream all over and especially on my face…I really do think it makes me look 10 years younger and I love that. The best part was my daughter, she is 33…Read More


“I purchased two jars of the cream. I have the most sensitive skin and most anti-allergic creams react badly. I usually swell up and can’t wear makeup for days. I have been using this cream on my face since I purchased it from you and it is the most wonderful cream I have ever used!…Read More


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