A Foaming Facial Cleanser: What is it?

Think back to the last time you looked through the aisles (either physically or electronically) in search of a new facial cleanser. It’s perplexing, isn’t it? Finding the correct cleanser can be difficult due to the seemingly endless and overwhelming variety of different sorts, brands, and formulations. 

There are different types of cleansers, including gel cleansers, micellar water cleansers, water-based cleansers, greasy cleansers, and creamy cleansers. There are still facial soap bars available. It’s nearly hard to predict which will best meet your skin’s demands. 

Here at Sönd, we prefer to take the time to highlight various skin care types and categories so that we may dissect them for you. We sincerely hope that this helps you select the best products for both your gorgeously distinctive skin and yourself. This time, foamy face cleansers are in the spotlight. Are they helpful for the skin, what are they, and how do they function? 

So relax, here we go!

foaming facial cleanser

How do face cleansers that foam work?

By virtue of its name, a foamy cleanser will froth when you use it, usually after combining it with water. In most cases, you’ll need to combine a foamy cleanser with water in your hands before applying it to your face in a light massage motion. Afterward, it usually needs to be washed off or removed with a damp face towel.

Chemically speaking, soaps and surfactants have two ends: one that prefers water and the other that prefers oil. This implies that they can draw off any filth, grime, and makeup from the skin, including water-based sweat, oil-based dirt, and pollutants. Consequently, our skin is spotless. But many foamy face cleansers also have this issue.

Do facial cleansers that foam peel the skin?

Unfortunately, using a foamy cleanser to remove grime and makeup also has a drawback: dryness. Their very nature makes them capable of removing oils, including sebum (the wax-like oily substance created by the skin to aid in maintaining moisture).

The skin on our face will feel tight, dry, and parched if too much sebum is removed. Therefore, if you have dry, dehydrated, or sensitive skin, we definitely wouldn’t recommend one. 

A foamy cleanser’s action may help if your skin is really greasy. But keep in mind that removing oil from skin—even oily skin—will result in the skin overcompensating by producing even more oil. 

So after using a foamy cleanser, you can eventually end up with an oily, glossy face within a few hours, somewhat negating the purpose and putting you in a vicious cycle of oil creation and oil removing. 

Some foamy face cleansers now come with moisturizing components in the modern world. These consist of emollients and oils that can smooth and soften the skin. Because of this, if you’re unsure but like the way a foamy cleanser feels, make sure it has hydrating and moisturizing elements. 

But in reality, we would always choose a cream cleanser that removes dirt, filth, and makeup effectively without making our skin feel as like it requires a lot of water. 

Rebalance and Reset Cream Cleanser

We create skin care products at Sönd to suit every type of skin. From the most “normal” skin types to the most tense, rebellious, sensitive, or acne-prone ones. We use them ourselves, so we know they are effective. We created these specifically for ourselves. 

We created our own since we were dissatisfied with the lack of sensitive skin care products that also understood our nonconformist skin. We have finally discovered the ideal blend of substances to please our skin after years of dealing with acne outbreaks. 

All of the components in our Rebalance & Reset Cream Cleanser are derived from plants. To nourish the skin and address the underlying reasons of stressed skin, we’ve created a special blend of alkalizing silica salts. To our botanicals and oils derived from plants that respect and support skin health. If it doesn’t pass muster, it doesn’t go past us. 

The best technique to fully cleanse the face, in our opinion, is with a cream cleanser. Ours also gets rid of dirt, oil, pollutants, poisons, daily filth, and even the most tenacious oil-based makeup. 

A facial cleanser  won’t deplete the skin of its own oils, and ours won’t make the face feel greasy or oily. It is also ideal for both dry and oily skin types because of this. In fact, it’s also great for skin that is prone to acne, psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea. 

Use clean fingertips and a few pumps (about the size of a five-pence piece) to gently massage the cream into dry skin. Spend between 30 and 60 seconds doing this, being sure to cover your entire face and neck.